Something more than Schooling…..!!!
Build a deep understanding for subject at the level of concept. High Class Digital content created by academic and technical experts with latest modules will create a virtual world of knowledge bank on finger tips of learners. Every learner may learn with personalized pace of learning as per his/her understanding.


DEMO Content

Few video's for your reference

About Myself
Air and water
Direction and Time
आनंदाने नाचूया
Addition And Subtraction
Multiplication And Division
Time and Temperature
क्रिया - कुछ प्रमुख अकर्मक क्रियाएँ (10)
Past Perfect Continuous - Tenses
What is Living
Communication System - Problems
Semi-conductor and Communication System
Stoichiometry and Redox Reactions
Fundamental Unit of Life
Need of Classification

Something more than Schooling…..!!!!

School Management System

School Management System is a Smart Management of School administration with minimized efforts for records, fee status, attendance, exam results, admissions, counselling, parent teacher’s meetings, results and School leaving etc.

Learning Management System

EDUMitra application for the administration, documentation, tracking for individual learners and schools, reporting, and delivery of Digital Educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. Ideal lesson planning, adding content by teachers with admin approval, well designed feedback mechanism, mapping as per curriculum etc.

Digital Library

Learning with EDUMitra is dynamic, interactive

Visitor Management

A Digitized check in for visitors to allow/disallow the visitors, appointments, notifications to guests. A proper management of visitor’s entry with is the secure approach to identify, manage & track visitors when access control system integration.

Search Engine

An optimized search engine with faciility to search the content with key word from complex data. Secured and safe access of content from the database by following protocol is the key feature of Search Engine offered by EDUMitra. State Bank of India is the client to quote for Search engine for huge content access by 2,67,000 employees.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence used for mass attendance, behaviour of students. It is programmed to compare the information provided to it by the learner or user with the vast amount of preloaded datasets to find commonalities and patterns.


An experimental Education that excites and engages the learners and enriches through hands on. Learn by doing approach is followed in our STEM Labs. Our labs provide multidisciplinary experience for students from age group of 5 to 16 Years.

Robotics Lab

Students in the age group of 6yrs. to 22yrs. are trained thoroughly by our expert Engineers in various technologies like Robotics, Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Vision Robotics etc.


BALA is a way to holistically plan and use the school infrastructure. We have innovatively treated the school space (e.g. classroom, circulation spaces, outdoors, landscape and natural like the floor, wall, ceiling, door, windows, furniture, open ground) to create a range of learning situations and materials such that they are used as a learning resource. We have developed the three-dimensional space to offer a unique setting to introduce a multiple sensory experience.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Learning with EDUMitra is dynamic, interactive

Turnkey Solution

We offer most compatible Hardware for present need, usage, budget and other factors like school strength etc. The proposals are suitable as per every aspect

Conceptual Learning

Conceptual learning method through ‘EDUMitra’ carries knowledge tools that identify, define, explain, analyse, and demonstrate real-life elements and events. These are broad ideas that are in many instances, true across geographical and cultural boundaries. Sensory and abstract concepts are point of focus while preparing for concepts in content.

Practice and Revision

Revision is not the action of going back but confidently moving forward in the process of creation.’ Students can access intelligence backed progress reports which identify learning gaps and areas of strength to help the plan of study in an informed manner.


A genuine review of learning through e- Exam is offered by ‘EDUMitra’ after going through the Digital Content and revision and tests. The e-Exams are based on the particular topics learn as per syllabus. The knowledge is judged at micro level, the selected question bank is prepared by academicians of fraternity.









You inspire us time to time by appreciating and motivating us

Mrs. Meenakshi Raut

Education Officer, PMC
In Education Hub Pune we able to give Digital Education through EDUMitra is worth full and due to this all students of Pune Municipal Corporation now enjoying the learning and able to clear the concepts where they lacking due to their leaving culture.

Mr. G. K. Upadhyay

Ex-Technology Advisor, DoT, Govt Of India
Under Digital India Initiative BSNL got responsibility to Launch EDUMitra online educational portal which is actual fruit and output of networking which created by BSNL in Rural and Urban.Every Child is got the chance to receive the world class education and stay updated in terms of education and technology

Mr. Namdev Nanaware

Ex-Chief Executive Officer, Beed Zilla Parishad
Digital Education …is no more a dream for weaker section too…!!! EDUMitra is a Digital Education Gallery or we can say entry to Universe of Education. BSNL has opened the doors of High class Digitized learning even for our Zila Parishad School Students. Online Education is affordable for everyone with this initiative from BSNL. Zila Parishad learners are thankful for great enterprise.

Prof. Dr. Rishi Aacharya

Dean & Programme Director at VEDA Animation College, Pune
It's a revolutionary step in Indian e-learning. You name it and EDUMitra has a ready to learn course for it. It is a must download app for teacher's, student's and parent's of all age group.

Shri Ved Prakash

Executive Director - Jabalpur Smart City
Accurate and detailed content for all subjects. very good sound quality. Simple and easy to use. User experience is fantastic. And most important pricing are very affordable

P A Inamdar Sir

President of M.C.E. Society,Azam Campus Pune
"I have witnessed every change in Education in Pune and everywhere else. I could sense the major turn when Digitilisation began in Education. A Revolution is observed and enjoyed by my Institutes.EDUMitra has played a key role to avail the new pedagogy.Well designed frame of Technology enabled Education Solution "EDUMitra" is Appreciable. A Complete solution to study, revise, review and track like how and what utilisation by educational faculty in which management invested." (a teacher is available on your finger tips)